Nutrition Consultations


Kristy Vicari provides education, support and guidance primarily for weight management, stress reduction, depression issues, prenatal health, food allergy assessment, digestive complications and dietary transition.


Each client is seen as an individual and worked with in that capacity to help nurture their underlining concerns and issues. A holistic approach is taken so that the whole being can come into balance.  works with shifting their diet to fit their needs and life by using healthy and delicious foods, herbs, supplements and then complement their program with exercise and stress relieving techniques that they enjoy.

 The program is designed specifically for each client and will truly enhance their life and well-being.


Kristy has more than ten years of studies and practical experience in Nutrition. It is her compassion, insight, and desire to heal that make her a unique and extraordinary practitioner.


 She was instrumental in helping to establish the California Chapter of The Society of Certified Nutritionists where she served as Secretary in their first year


Initial Health Evaluation- 1.5 hrs This includes an intake of the client’s health history with a health hazard appraisal, diet evaluation and extensive research for the development of an individual wellness program.

Single Hourly Nutrition Consultations-These are follow-up sessions (after the Initial Health Evaluation), cooking or whole food shopping sessions to further develop and maintain the wellness program designed for the client.  The first consultation is to serve as an Assessment and Commitment Evaluation.


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